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Local Chapters

Founded in 1981, the Chinese American Chemical Society (CACS) is a nonprofit, professional organization and has neither national nor regional political affiliation. Membership is open to professionals and students in chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields, and to individuals and corporations supporting the objectives of the society. Currently, CACS has 4 local chapters and 1 national student committee in North America.


Members from Eastern America area. It has the largest population of Chinese American chemists, biochemists, and chemical engineers and is the hot bed of pharmaceutical and chemical research and industry.

President: Yuan Cheng (Regeneron)

Treasurer: Yabin Lei (IFF)

Secretary: Wenzhao Wu (ExxonMobil)

Outreach Officer: Xizhe Zhao (Insmed)

Webmaster: Xiaobo Zhu (Sun Chemical)



The Great Lakes Chapter of CACS (GLCACS) serves members in the Midwest states including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

President: Mark Zhen (Valent BioSciences)

Annual Conference Chair/President-Elect:  Chi Zhang (Honeywell UOP)

Treasurer: Yanqun Zhao (AbbVie Inc.)

Web Developer: Wenjie Tang (Georgia Tech)

Webmaster : Lijun Xu (Honeywell UOP)



Established in 2007, Southwest Chapter of CACS (SWCACS) serves members in the Western United States and the Gulf Coast region, which is the center of the U.S. petrochemical and energy industries.

President: Mengmeng Li 
Vice President: Yongchao Zeng:
Treasurer: Jie Yu 



Northern California Chapter 

Originally founded in 1981 and relaunched in 2022. Special initial funding from CACS Board Members, Dr. Norman Li, Dr. Ving Lee, Dr. Marinda Wu & other Northern California lifetime members.

President: Huping Luo (Chevron)

Former President Elect: Marinda Li Wu 

Secretary: Lin Li (Chevron)

Treasurer: Chu-An Chang

Membership Chair: Anna Tai



The CACS National Student Committee, founded in 2024, aims to foster connections among and career development of students and young scholars. We invite new members to join and contribute to the growth of our committee.

Chair: Kunyu Wang (University of Pennsylvania)
Vice Chair: Wenxuan Li (Princeton University)

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